This is a deep-sea metal Anglerfish model, 1 to 1 real restoration of every detail, the head with lights will glow fish.
Two hands so big metal 3d deep sea Anglerfish visible metallic texture.
Deep-sea monkfish 3D head detail display
Deep Sea Anglerfish
Deep-sea Anglerfish 3D model teeth details show picture
Deep-sea  Anglerfish 3D back detail display
Deep-sea Anglerfish 3D model teeth details show picture 3D partial details show
Deep-sea  Anglerfish 3D tail detail display
Deep-sea Anglerfish 3D model assembled finished side display picture

Deep Sea Anglerfish

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This Deep-Sea Anglerfish 3D Metal Model Steampunk Lamp combines the nostalgic charm of a classic anglerfish toy with the unique visual appeal of a steampunk-style lamp. The 3d metal model's intricate details are sure to make it an eye-catching addition to any room. Perfect for those looking to infuse their space with creative, antique flair.

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Inspiration from the deep sea
"They" refer to anglerfish, a type of bony fish named after their unique way of catching prey, in which a bioluminescent fin ray called the "esca" or "illicium" acts as a lure for other fish.
Design concept: Remake
"REMAKE" reimagines existing materials to create unique, valuable products.
Precision-cut metal teeth
Their massive heads boast crescent-shaped mouths brimming with long, fang-like teeth, specially angled inward to snatch prey with deadly precision.
  • Challenging Model

    Assembling this model is very challenging and may take a whole day to complete.

  • Really Lights Up.

    Note:Due to shipping policies, the product package does not include batteries. Battery model: AG1-LR621
    Battery quantity:3

  • High-quality leather

    The natural texture and beauty of the leather is preserved.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.

Unique Design Method

No cutting and bending required.

Step-by-step Instructions

Easy to follow, inclued necessary tools

Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

Nobody would reject such a cool thing!


  • Pieces:
  • Weight:
  • Assembly time:
    28 Hours
  • Assembled Size:

  • No pre-cut sheet
    Each component is individually packaged, with no pre-cutting or machining required.
  • No cutting or glue is needed.
    We assemble our products using anti-loose screws, resulting in a product with a high level of playability.
  • Fun and enjoyable
    Keeping brain engaged, Enjoy the fun of assembling

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
NIcole Weber

PROS: The fish is amazing. Good quality parts. Instructions for step by step accompanied by clear images.

CON: There is a lack of detailed images and descriptions about the sub assemblies.

SPIDER (not fish): Tools were missing and I was assured by the customer rep that no additional tools were necessary. My husband and father in law, building the fish, respectively disagree who both have careers in mechanical and electrical engineering.

DECIDING FACTOR: Very poor customer service. No communication during the entire transaction. I attempted 5-6 modes and times of different communication: email, website, Shop app, etc. AFTER the product had been delivered (of which, my account was NOT updated and I received NO tracking info, despite the requests, and was legitimately about to report fraud on the day of delivery. A customer rep finally contacted me and claimed the lack of communication (INCLUDING the basic shipping tracking info) resulting from a national holiday that took place 6 days AFTER my time of purchase. I asked about the 6 days prior to the holiday, such as receiving the shipping info and was not provided with an answer. This is my second and LAST purchase with the product.
CONCLUSION: The stress and anxiety caused by poor customer service was not worth it. The company took no steps to address this problem.

Jim Brannan

I had to put everything away and wait for a few weeks. The instructions are very vague to say the least. It's pretty clear on putting the piece together but not so much on where it attaches to the completed part of the fish.
I consider myself pretty good at this kind of thing so maybe after putting it away for a month or two...

Alessandro Petitti
Challenging and satisfying

The only real complaint I have about this product is the packaging. The box did not have any indication of what was inside. I gave the angler fish Mecrob as a gift and the recipient loved it (once I showed him online what it was supposed to be). All tools needed are found inside and the instructions are easy to follow. This product is a little pricey for what you get but overall I am satisfied.

A very fun build and a great figure

This was my first build and I took my time with it, the build stretched across 3 days but I enjoyed it.

Immensely satisfying

I really enjoyed building this and the instructions are very clear. The only thing that isn't obvious is the precise angle that some parts need to be at before you completely tighten them, and it isn't always possible to reach the screws later when they need to be adjusted. Adding some rubber washers (not included) might help keep the teeth tight and pointing in the right direction as they are easy to accidentally loosen later on. The YouTube video came to my rescue 3 or 4 times, but overall it was easier than expected and the end result looks fabulous on my mantelpiece. (I made my own fins out of some spare black leather using the supplied pieces as a template)