On April 12, 1961, astronaut Yuri Gagarin made the real face in the history of mankind; every person from birth. The road of life is full of problems and unknowns. We need to continue to learn, expand their knowledge base, become more brave, to go face to face with the difficulties, the unknown. We need to be brave and face the difficulties and the unknown. Become the hero of your own life, and have a shining life
Moon Astronaut-3D Metal Art Kit DIY Metal Model Kit
Astronaut detail map display
Gently rotate the head to turn on the dazzling lights, clockwise to open, counterclockwise to close
Creative table hitch hand-me-down ornaments, table hitch hand-me-down so much; their own DY one is worth collecting
Astronaut finished display chart
Astronaut finished display chart
Astronaut finished display chart
Free professional assembly tools ÷ assembly instructions, free professional assembly tool pliers + assembly screwdriver, clear instructions step by step, handicapped party can also be trouble-free assembly; after-sales designers have to answer questions Assembling SO EASY
Astronaut metal model height 4.5 inches, width 2.5 inches

Moon Astronaut

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Note: Due to shipping reasons, it does not come with a glass cover.

3D metal puzzle Over 100 pieces Our Moon Astronaut-3D Metal Art Kit is a DIY metal model kit perfect for anyone who loves outer space. It features an astronaut statue on the moon with over 100 pieces. With its intricate detail, it creates a realistic 3D metal puzzle that is sure to challenge and captivate.

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Tribute to Human Explorers
Don't forget the starry sky overhead
Design concept: Remake
"REMAKE" reimagines existing materials to create unique, valuable products.
  • Salute to the Pioneers of Humanity

    Humanity never ceases to explore space and the unknown.

  • Enjoy the joy of assemble

    Spend your idle time killing boredom and unwinding with ease. Assemble it with your family and friends to strengthen your bond.

  • Rotating Head as Light

    Note:Due to shipping policies, the product package does not include batteries. Battery model: AG1-LR621
    Battery quantity:3

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.

Unique Design Method

No cutting and bending required.

Step-by-step Instructions

Easy to follow, inclued necessary tools

Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

Nobody would reject such a cool thing!


  • Pieces:
  • Weight:
  • Assembly time:
    2 Hours
  • Assembled Size:

  • No pre-cut sheet
    Each component is individually packaged, with no pre-cutting or machining required.
  • No cutting or glue is needed.
    We assemble our products using anti-loose screws, resulting in a product with a high level of playability.
  • Fun and enjoyable
    Keeping brain engaged, Enjoy the fun of assembling

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Olivia L
Great gift

I bought it for my fiancé, he loves tinkering with things and loved it. Took him around 3 hours to build.
Beautiful, durable and a high quality item. My 9 year old received the Mecrob Dragonfly as I thought the Astronaut would be too difficult but I was mistaken - I would recommend this one to all the Lego minifans out there! Hands down the coolest piece from Mecrob that doesn't break the bank. Love it.

Hard and AMAZING!!!

I have done a lot of 3D metal puzzles and I can say this was one of the harder models I have made. The instruction were very clear. This took me about 4 hours.

Chris McFadden
Love it!

I got the Moon Astronaut as a gift and I love it!
The instructions are easily readable and things go together as expected.
Does not come apart once assembled. I have been playing around with this model for a while now and have had no need to tighten any parts.
Fairly posable at the shoulder hip joints (you can rotate these depending on how tight you screwed in the joints)
It was a lot of fun to build and kept me happily busy for hours
it looks great on display.
There are many tiny pieces in the kit that require a fair amount of dexterity, which for those of us with bigger hands, this can be challenging.
Overall, I had a great time pitting this together and actually plan to order another one to use as a keychain

Jordy Matthyssen
Worth a 5 star

I have no words for this.
I just love all of the 3D puzzles because it’s relaxing to make them, all of it just fits like it should do so i really love it!
I have already 4 but going to get more for sure.

John walker
Cool but impossible if you have big hands

This is a really cool idea if you can get it put together. At 6’8 my hands are pretty big and the tools/pieces are tiny. Got about a quarter of the way done and had to throw in the towel