Metal armor series tank finished plane display drawing
The metal front wheel can reduce the recoil generated by the shell launch, the turret high and low shooting angle 0 ° - 30 °, small-caliber muzzle can shoot metal shells at a very fast speed, thus producing a horrible range killing ability; turret squad stationed in the Federation base, under the bombardment of the turret, a large number of dark creatures were defeated, for the battle blew the horn of victory in advance!
Two silver wheels speeding, plus antique bronze parts embellished body, in the dark, open the dazzling concentrated lights, the hidden enemies ahead can also be seen; Pioneer Knights rushed into the dark army, the roar of motorcycles, the fall of the dark creatures are countless!
The alloy tank is equipped with only one super howitzer, but its power lies in its ability to fire eight super howitzers, enabling it to strike at long distances; the tank unit advances slowly and kills the enemy from a thousand miles away, and every mile it advances is one step closer to victory.
Mecha equipped with flame aggregator, can continue to spray flame burning enemies, left and right mech arm loaded with laser guns, rows and rows of dark creatures eliminated in the laser rays; special forces commander commanded a group of warriors, brave kill the enemy, so that the dark creatures scared!
Alloy armor tank finished details show picture
Alloy armor hidden section finished details show picture
Alloy armor hidden section back finished details show picture
Metal armor series tank assembly process show
Alloy armor model parts show
Alloy armor series tank size chart 1.96 inches long, 1.18 inches wide and 1.96 inches high
Alloy armor series tank finished detail c picture
Alloy Armor Model Kit

Alloy Armor Model Kit

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Mecrob Metal Armor Series are 3D puzzle kits that allow you to assemble a fun and functional model toy. When completed, the finished model will be strong and powerful, just like the original steel version. The series includes mech motors, mech tanks, mech robots, mech cannons, mech ships and mech submarines.

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Alloy Mecha

Alloy Tank

Alloy Motorcycle

Alloy artillery

Alloy Submarine

Alloy Spaceship

Armored Vehicles: 5-in-1 Combo
Note: You must collect the complete set of metal armor series (excluding the hidden figure) in order to combine them.
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