This is a boxer mechanical DIY assembly model, you can put together your own mechanical model, assembly does not require the use of glue, and also a Bluetooth speaker, you can hear your most wanted songs at any time, anywhere, come to know it.
This is a picture of the scene taken by our boxer after the assembly, is there a feeling of being in the ring.
This boxer DIY model also comes with a lighting function of a small electric light, is not the best ornaments in your mind?
This boxer DIY metal model, in addition to its own Bluetooth speaker, but also comes with a bracket for cell phones, did not expect it, an ornament in addition to decorate your space can also have two different practical functions at the same time, can play a different role in different occasions, is not this the most perfect ornament model in your mind?
This is the way to open the back of the mech back to put Bluetooth speakers. Have you ever seen this way to open, is not a bit like a space capsule door to open the feeling.
This is the boxer DIY assembled model of the local details, you can see that the mechs are metallic, real 1 to 1 restore the mechs, and the traditional assembled model compared to the more personal?
The back of this model mech design, you see the back of a self-contained Bluetooth speaker, you can also do their own hands to replace the speaker they like, is not very much like the movie Pacific Rim a pair of mechs?
This model of the foot design, you see their surface are very smooth, the use of high precision laser cutting out of the parts, assembled with a very metallic texture.
This is a boxer mechanical DIY assembly model comes with a Bluetooth speaker, using the latest noise reduction technology, the shell is purely hand-polished, giving you not only the pleasure of putting together, but also to experience a high-quality musical experience.
This is the front view of the boxer DIY assembled model, what do you think the real mecha models are looking like? When you see this mecha model is not feeling very much, if you experience assembling this mecha after you will like it.
This is a boxer model size chart, 8.9 inches high and 4.5 inches wide, 9.2 inches long, is not feeling very strong? You can come and try it.

Real Steel Fist

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The boxing robot is a creative phone stand and Bluetooth speakers in one model toy ornament, there are red boxing gloves, and the body's energy core switch structure, due to the high-density body can ensure Bluetooth bass performance, and you can play continuously for 5 hours, you can enjoy music at any place and time, you can also put the phone in the bracket on the head of the mech to watch your favorite movie.

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Inspired By Boxer
Design concept: Remake
"REMAKE" reimagines existing materials to create unique, valuable products.
  • Challenging Model

    Assembling this model is very challenging and may take a whole day to complete.

  • Creative Phone&Watch Stand

    Equipped with a watch stand function, our product is suitable for most watches with removable watch bands.

  • Internal Speaker

    Small but powerful, capable of playing continuously for five hours.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.

Unique Design Method

No cutting and bending required.

Step-by-step Instructions

Easy to follow, inclued necessary tools

Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

Nobody would reject such a cool thing!


  • Pieces:
  • Weight:
  • Assembly time:
    18 Hours
  • Assembled Size:

  • No pre-cut sheet
    Each component is individually packaged, with no pre-cutting or machining required.
  • No cutting or glue is needed.
    We assemble our products using anti-loose screws, resulting in a product with a high level of playability.
  • Fun and enjoyable
    Keeping brain engaged, Enjoy the fun of assembling