Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model uses common parts in life to construct a cyberpunk life form
Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model using common parts in life, the construction of cyberpunk life form, after assembling the display figure
Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model side front display map
You see the cyberpunk 3D chameleon model after assembling in the hands of the display chart, is not very artistic style.
Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model head side display figure.
Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model leg side display figure.
Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model to join the dazzling parts, assembled after the finished head will look shiny.
Cyberpunk 3D chameleon model added dazzling parts to make it look even cooler.
Cyberpunk 3D gold chameleon model parts show
Cyberpunk 3D gold chameleon model 9.4 inches long, 3.9 inches wide, 4.7 inches high

Steampunk Chameleon Model Kit

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Mechanical chameleon, simulation modeling life in common hardware parts to construct a cyberpunk life form, when the surrounding environment changes, it will display the corresponding protective color.

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Cyberpunk Chameleon
With a dazzling aperture and quick neural response, the chameleon has no attack power in its arsenal. However, when danger strikes, its back nerve axis quickly activates to aid in escaping from threatening situations.
Design concept: Remake
"REMAKE" reimagines existing materials to create unique, valuable products.
  • Challenging Model

    Assembling this model is very challenging and may take 12 hours to complete.

  • Realistic Design

    Construct your imaginative cyberpunk creature with screws and nuts.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.

Unique Design Method

No cutting and bending required.

Step-by-step Instructions

Easy to follow, inclued necessary tools

Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

Nobody would reject such a cool thing!


  • Pieces:
  • Weight:
  • Assembly time:
    11 Hours
  • Assembled Size:

  • No pre-cut sheet
    Each component is individually packaged, with no pre-cutting or machining required.
  • No cutting or glue is needed.
    We assemble our products using anti-loose screws, resulting in a product with a high level of playability.
  • Fun and enjoyable
    Keeping brain engaged, Enjoy the fun of assembling

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alessandro Barzani
A true entertainment

Time passes without realizing it.

Albert Daniel Caverno
Love it

A nice challenge especially with my large hands but completely doable.
Incredibly precise parts and very detailed. Very enjoyable build for me.

Lucilla Ghedi

Loved it!!

Chris 2
Mutant chameleon

This is a really great kit and the end product is awesome. I reckon on reflection there could be more advice about assembly in the instructions. One thing you often find is that crucial sections can work loose in the process of assembly ... meaning you need to pull apart the final thing to tighten bits and then reassemble, even though there are some nuts with nylon thread. Particularly challenging to get the legs to stay firm so you can pose the final piece to stay upright in a lifelike posture.

Not too bad

The quality is pretty solid but there were some issues. My instructions came in Chinese so I’m sure I missed important details. My biggest issue was that you sometimes don’t know when to fully tighten some parts. I found that areas needed to stay slightly loose to fit the next part but then it would block off the previous fasteners. I have the project completed but it feels loose. I can’t reposition in fear of messing it up. The legs are very fragile especially.