spider man lamp cool gift desk ornament 3d metal with remote
spider man lamp cool gift desk ornament 3d metal with remote
spider man lamp cool gift desk ornament 3d metal with remote
spider man lamp cool gift desk ornament 3d metal with remote

Cyberpunk Spider Table Lamp

Inspried By Alexander Trufanov
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Inventor builds a sentient spider bot as a helper. But when he goes missing, the spider bot embarks on a thrilling adventure to find him. It battles dangerous enemies like rats and cats, gains powerful allies like a wasp and praying mantis, and acquires new skills like invisibility and deadly poisons. In a dramatic showdown, the spider bot fights government agents to rescue the inventor and become an unstoppable team.


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Inspired By Alexander Trufanov
Inspired by the creative works of community players and designers, we bring together the fusion of art, literature, and technology through our product.
Design concept: Remake
"REMAKE" reimagines existing materials to create unique, valuable products.
Simulation Biology Design
The spider-inspired design features button lamp that acts as the spider's eye, and can be controlled by rotating it.
4-Way Touch Control Dimmer
Featuring a 4-way smooth dimmable touch control, you can easily adjust the lighting to your desired level simply by tapping the button.
  • Community-inspired Concept Design

    If you have any other fantastic ideas, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Best Desktop Ornament

    Bringing a Cyberpunk Fantasy Vibe to Your Room

  • Button switch light

    Note:Due to shipping policies, the product package does not include batteries. Battery model: AG1-LR621 Battery quantity:12

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.


  • Pieces:
  • Weight:
  • Assembly time:
    5.5 Hours
  • Assembled Size:

  • No pre-cut sheet
    Each component is individually packaged, with no pre-cutting or machining required.
  • No cutting or glue is needed.
    We assemble our products using anti-loose screws, resulting in a product with a high level of playability.
  • Fun and enjoyable
    Keeping brain engaged, Enjoy the fun of assembling

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Not finished yet but it looks cool so far

My primary issue with this build is the instructions are really bad in places. While trying to figure out how to attach the wires from the eyes onto that corner piece I was basically guessing and I'm almost certain that I'll need to pull it back apart to fix it later. They could do a much better job with the graphics. Still cool as hell though.

Frank Bialobreski
Spider is great

Takes time to put together all of the pieces

oscar messely
Great build

Had a lot of fun building this! And the end result looks great. The only thing I have is that the lights in the eyes stop switching from blue to red after they are on for some time and just go on and off in the red color. I don't know what causes this but when I leave them off for some time and put them back on the blue is back for some time again. Anyway, other than that I'm very happy with this and i recommend it.

Randall Boiter

For people asking about batteries, the batteries are LR-621 watch batteries.You can buy them almost anywhere. Amazon has 2 10 packs for about 9 dollars.If your lights do not work then the batteries may be upside down. Try turning them over.Worked for me.

mark kampe
long but rewarding

Hours leaning over the workbench, and getting all of those little nuts started in tight spaces was challenging, but putting all of those hundreds of pieces together made me better able to savor the complexity of this little robot ... and unlike most models, the closer you look, the better it gets! It isn't just super-cool, it is a super-cool thing that I built.

- small 4mm and 5mm nut-drivers will make much work easier.
- the pieces on the legs need to be very tight (from the start).