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We're interested in checking this out for potential editorial coverage.

January 6 2023 Email By Jonathan (Jono) Tan 
Head of Creative Projects at MKBHD


That's a pretty cool lamp! I'd be happy to share a instagram post about it if you can send us one.

February 3, Email By 

It sits on our front desk as you come in the door!

Apr.03 Message By Darryl Sherk Lead Videographer Lead Videographer
Hacksmith Industries



This has a beautifully eerie and striking design. The story weaves itself, so to speak.

May 08, 2023 Alvaro Zinos-Amaro,Hugo Award Finalist


In the process of assembling the spider, I really had a lot of ideas about how it could live. Future mechanical devices will have a kind of humanity, and the way that humanity will come into being is by giving them a sense of mission.

MAY 04, 2023 Lu Ban,Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards Winner


I think this collaboration is very cool. You did a great job translating Trufanov’s concept into a metal toy/puzzle. I love it!

APR 09, 2023 Derek Stenning,famous concept artist


I really like his art, and it's great to see you guys are working together. I think the core concept of your product is to match his work's style, not to copy all the details from his art. 

APR 03, 2023 Longque Chen,Famous concept artist


If you’re looking to move past LEGOs and seeking a next level build, you can take on the challenge of assembling 587 pieces to create this cool Cyberpunk Spider Lamp!



Cool stuff is always cool stuff! Heck yeah. As an author with little to no talent in the visual arts, I'm always stoked to see something inspired by my work. I can't imagine any other author feeling differently.

MAR 29, 2023 Marie Vibbert ,Nebula Award finalist


It looks very cool.

I like the idea of taking different influences and making something new so combining elements from a Sci-fi story to make a cool toy is definitely possible. I love your cyberpunk spider. It’s a complex and fascinating toy. I wish there were more like it!

MAR 28, 2023  Wole Talabi,Nebula Award finalist


I think its utterly fascinating because of the complexity and inventiveness of the toy. I think much like art inspired by sci-fi short stories, or sci-fi short stories inspired by art, toys like Mecrob have the potential to inspire further creations as well, just as it draws on existing creations to craft something new. One thing that came to mind is the way that video games have storylines, and I think the same can be said for Mecrob.

MAR 15, 2023   Ai Jiang,Nebula Award finalist


I really like it. I think it is amazing work ! You managed to transfer the main idea and atmosphere of this creature! It's very cool. It's great that you transfer the color contrast between the main lamp and the eyes.

MAR 07, 2023  Alexander Trufanov,Art Director at Owlcat Games



Its adjustable and dimmable light features, perfect for setting the mood for anything from a rave to romance robot spider-style.

October 17, 2022  Melissa T. Miller Yahoo

the building was an adventure, and again I’ll have to point out that this was a medium-difficulty building but to someone who plays around with kits like these, this may be a walk in the park for them. With that said this is definitely something for the hobbyists in your life or even for yourself if you wish to challenge yourself, it never hurts to try!

November 4, 2022  Daniel S. Liuzzi Horrorfuel