Each - people are destined to be guarded, each person is born when the sky will appear a star, the star fell to the sky dry is a constellation. Each of us has its own exclusive patron saint, it will always guard you said and guardian, the gods of the devout wish, you can get the response of the patron saint, get the wish to help
Guardians of the Zodiac - 12 Constellation Collectibles
Aries Bravery and enthusiasm are synonymous with Aries, always wielding two swords and remaining ready to attack at a moment&
Taurus The stubborn Taurus combatant always looks unapproachable, stubborn and old-fashioned, as if no one ever sees him smile." Not good at expressing himself, but only listens to your instructions.
Gemini Brother in a battle unfortunately died, the brother grief, just when everyone thought the brother will be devastated, the teenager picked up the brother&
Cancer His face always looks mild and polite but people can&
Leo Strict in discipline is also strict in discipline, confident and unhurried lion always seems to get what he wants easily. "Sea, do not be afraid, no one can hide from my gunfire.
Virgo Elegant winged mask, with the wind blowing, with the power of the scepter of purification in your hand, become a flawless fighter..." The mask will be worn for a long time will also be very tired, after taking off the fear that you see, and fear that you can not see.
Libra Do not advocate a war full of artillery fire, because this can always accidentally injure others, always hope to have a peaceful way to solve disputes." Today the enemy blew up 10 of our fighters, so the other side must die at least 10 fighters today!"
Scorpio Wearing a cyberpunk style eye patch and headphones, even if passersby glance lightly, it is to casually say:But a handsome guy." It is said that there is a new high technician in the city, not only very handsome, but also very poisonous ."
Sagittarius Half man, half horse, with a double state, a pair of eagle eyes in the special material to create a pair of glasses to enhance the never miss every target." No freedom, no death."
Guardians of the Zodiac - 12 Constellation Collectibles
Guardians of the Zodiac - 12 Constellation Collectibles
Guardians of the Zodiac - 12 Constellation Collectibles
Guardians of the Zodiac - 12 Constellation Collectibles

Guardians of the Zodiac - 12 Constellation Collectibles

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This 3D metal model kit captures each of the twelve astrological constellations in intricate detail. It includes all the components necessary to construct a unique, hand-crafted 3D sculpture. With easy-to-follow instructions and a DIY approach, you can create a unique and personalized model of your own!

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Free Exchange -Zeus
A redemption card for Zeus will be included in every 120 patron saint figurines of the zodiac. (The odds of receiving Zeus is 120:1.)
Design concept: Remake
"REMAKE" reimagines existing materials to create unique, valuable products.
Tell your wish to the stars.
Yellow crystal prays for wealth
Pink crystal prays for love
Purple crystal prayss for a career
  • Personal Zodiac Guardian

    Which one is your zodiac patron saint?

  • Combination of Wood and Metal

    Even the toughest person has a soft spot.

  • Pray to your constellation guardian

    Write down your wishes to your Zodiac Guardian

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.

Unique Design Method

No cutting and bending required.

Step-by-step Instructions

Easy to follow, inclued necessary tools

Perfect Gift for Your Friends and Family

Nobody would reject such a cool thing!


  • Pieces:
    About 200
  • Weight:
    About 100g
  • Assembly time:
    1.5 Hours
  • Assembled Size:
    About 1.9x1.5x3.5(in)