Background: This mysterious church organization has its own doctrine and beliefs in the mechanical party world, and their seven judges are one of the nemesis of the Earth Defenders Special Forces, but there is an intricate relationship of interest between the church and the Federation, the mysterious church organization&
7 in one mechanical holy master 2.0 (need to collect in addition to the hidden xin outside the seven can be assembled)
Mechanical Lord (MACH-HOLY LORD) MACH-HOLY LORD is the actual controller of the mysterious church organization, he is mysterious and powerful, no one knows where he comes from except the saints. He is said to have signed a contract with the mechanical Cain, thus gaining a very destructive power. The gravitational wave staff of the Holy Lord, when turned on, will generate dark matter, the mysterious dark matter to stop all mechanical bodies around and gradually disintegrate.
Lucifer (LUCIFER): Pride (PRIDE) the first of the seven Inquisitors, fanatical mechanical saints, the right hand holds a huge meteor hammer and let the enemy scared, the left hand sharp hand axe in close combat is the enemy&
ASMODEUS: One of the seven Judges of LUST. Flying ability of the judge, is the judge of the powerful "mage", his staff seems to have been super smart scientific power, can make the enemy in battle with them, lose all the sensory capabilities, and can even burn through the enemy&
BERIAL:SLOTH One of the seven Inquisitors, a small time device on his back, which allows him to briefly escape from the control of time, this unbelievable ability with the hands of the sharp hand blades make all enemies back chills.
Beelzebub (BEELZEBUB): Taotie (GLUTTONY) One of the seven judges, the short knife in his right hand and the light shield in his left hand is his trademark weapon, with the same keenness as a hunter but without the respect of the hunter to the creature, all creatures are within the scope of his hunting and killing
Leviathan (LEVIATHAN): Jealous (ENVY) one of the seven judges, is also no "lethal" means of attack judges, his amazing defensive in his giant shield embodied in the best way, although there is no "lethal" attack, but do not underestimate the impact of his giant shield is still deadly for the average enemy. Although there is no "lethal" attack, but do not underestimate the impact of his shield, for the average enemy a huge impact is still deadly!
MAM MON (MAM MON): greed (GREED) one of the seven inquisitors, holding a mechanical battle axe will see the masters of the group, he is not satisfied with melee combat, the left flat on the four ray gun so that his firepower to a higher level, can be described as a full range of fanatical war machine
Samael (SAMAEL):Rage (WRATH) One of the seven Judges. Holding a huge mechanical sickle as if to The power unit on his back gives him endless power.
The probability of the appearance of the hidden models of this blind box series is based on the total production quantity, of which the ratio of the production of the total collection is 1:144.

Mechanical Saints Set

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Mechanical Saints blind box series, a complete set of 8 blind boxes, a complete set of 7 non-repeat models a random repeat models or hidden models, loose boxes a can of confidential packaging, this blind box series of goods hidden models appear probability is based on the number of all production developed which hidden models production ratio is 1: 144.

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Pride - Lucifer

Envy - Leviathan

Wrath - Samael

Greed - Mammon

Lust - Asmodeus

Gluttony - Beelzebub

Sloth - Berial

  • Design Inspired

    Design inspiration comes from the seven deadly sins.

  • Blind Boxes Rule

    No one knows what's insidethe box before it is opened including us

  • Sovereign 2.0

    This product, the Mechanical Sovereign 2.0, is a 7-in-1 combined set. Please note that you will need to collect a series of whole sets to combine it.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Due to the Remake design concept, our product does not involve mold opening and Pre-cut Sheets.